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    The company has specialized in producing optical cold working techniques, including non-spherical optical processing technology which is the leading level at home. All kinds of high-precision optical components can be customized according to customers' drawing ,which can be used in military, scientific, medical, optical communications and consumer goods. We have a group of technicians and engineers who have worked for many years and are experienced.
    Now we produce all kinds of productions such as prisms, plane mirror, wedge angle film, optical ball lens, a small lens, convex lens and a variety of non-spherical lens, optical crystal(YV04, YAG,KTP, SiO2, TGG, sapphire, etc.), optical passive, high-precision optical instrument lenses(such as microscopes, measurement instruments, analytical instruments and assorted lenses).
     Our concept of development is pragmatic, innovation and responsible for everybody. We provide products of high quality for the military, scientific, medical and optical communications.


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